The Delaware Valley Chapter of the
Association for Macular Diseases

is active in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware, to bring knowledge and help to those with macular degeneration,

Its is a non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers.

The Mission Statement for the Chapter states:

"The mission of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Association for Macular Diseases is to help people with macular degeneration and their families cope with this eye disease, through direct services, educational programs and information, and referral to community resources."

Macular Degeneration

All donations to the Chapter are tax deductible and are solely used to provide help to those in the Delaware Valley with macular degeneration.

The Chapter holds several seminars each year at which nationally known speakers provide up-to-date information on the status of research on causes and potential cures for the disease. The Chapter distributes a newsletter and provides a HOTLINE for use by those who require information or help immediately.

The Chapter sponsors an increasing number of local SUPPORT GROUPS that hold regularly scheduled meetings at convenient locations throughout the area.

A typical support group meeting may include a speaker chosen from the local medical community to speak about the status of treatments for the disease and research towards better understanding of the disease.

Since depression and fear often occur when a patient first experiences vision degradation many of the speakers are selected to give comfort to the afflicted and provide education about how to best cope with the disease and lead as normal a life as possible.

Following the speaker, small groups are often formed to permit sharing of ideas and experiences between members. This includes valuable information on community resources for people with low vision, i.e. transportation, libraries, etc. Caregivers are not forgotten. Programs are often directed to their needs.